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Merci - Thank you!

Il y a deux semaines, nous avons accueilli un groupe de 28 personnes, venant d’Angleterre, grâce à Cindy-Marie, de Wine Food Love. Et voici ce que Cindy-Marie nous a envoyé :

Two weeks ago, we welcomed a group of 28, coming from UK, thanks to Cindy-Marie from Wine Food Love. And this is what Cindy-Marie wrote to us:

 “A huge thanks to you both for organising quite simply the perfect visit (even le Mistral could not dent the perfection!). Although I knew they were going to love the property and your wines, they were simply blown away by the welcome and hospitality. They were truly delighted to meet M. Bernard, and indeed still talking about him when they were on the way to the airport at the end of the tour."

Nous avons eu l’immense plaisir de travailler encore avec la talentueuse Sèverine Sagnet, qui a fait une démonstration de cuisine à nos invités.

We had the great pleasure to have again the brilliant Sèverine Sagnet, who did a cooking demonstration in front of our guests.

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 Thank you Cindy-Marie.