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Estelle's News

The youngest daughter of Dominique and Michel BERNARD, j ' have joined l ' family business it is now almost 3 years, for to continue the work done by my parents and my sister Amandine, at their side. Veterinarian, passionate about bi ology, c ' < span dir = "ltr"> is obviously towards cultural practices and the ' oenology that my interests and my ambitions turn. By l ' intermediate d ' Amandine, through an electronic ticket that I would send you regularly, j ' have the wish of you inform of the last d novelties or highlights of the Château Beauchêne, in the agricultural or oenological fields.

The first post is of course about the 2017 harvest: this, like French wine production, has lower volumes than in previous years. However, we can mitigate this drop, in particular thanks to an upstream work on the restructuring of the vineyard, put in place for 8 years. For example, our young plots of Mourvèdre, which are now fully mature, have behaved particularly well in the face of drought. The 2017 vintage combines fruity aromas that melt in the mouth, and a concentration of phenolic compounds. The wines are powerful and retain a very good balance of alcohol and acidity.

Another important fact that I wanted to present to you is our work on biodiversity in the field. For 2 years, we have strived to maintain a high degree of biodiversity on and around the plots: the borders are not plowed to preserve an intense biological life, we maintain unmowed grassy ribbons at the edge of the edge and wood. We work with bio-control products, allowing the vines to better defend themselves against external aggressions (diseases, pests). Our soils, which are regularly analyzed, retain a good richness in organic matter. Finally, we remind you that all our wines are analyzed in the laboratory and present no residues of phytosanitary products.In this same process, three beehives were installed in May 2017 , on the edge of the vineyard. These colonies have acclimatized well, we have of course left them their honey for this winter and the reserves are very good.

Finally, we p repair , for the 2018 crop year, a plan for replanting missing stocks on old plots. The young vines will be planted this winter at the end of February. The vines of Château Beauchêne are entering their winter slumber. The 2017 vintage is quietly preparing for the sheltered in our cellar. The Ribs - du - Rhône Pavillon Rosé and the whites (including the well-awaited famous Viognier ...) will be bottled at the start of ' year

See you soon

Estelle Bernard