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Château Beauchêne is also a prestigious place to host all your ceremonies, weddings, seminars and other family or professional events.

Gardens and courtyards

The Rooms

The rooms, and spaces for your weddings, your receptions or your seminars are located around our plane tree classified as "remarkable" 300 years old tree in the courtyard of the castle. They are all in old buildings, renovated with respect for old stones, but with the greatest concern for comfort.


Our prices are from 4250 € to 7350 € Incl. VAT, for one day depending on the season and the day of the week.

Our prices include privatisation of the site, with gardens, reception rooms, round tables for your dinner, 50 chairs for your cocktail, a security guard for the car park and cleaning.

For Professional Events, please contact us at, You can also download our brochure here:

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