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Estelle’s Newsletter 2

This year, we were able to observe a beautiful release of grapes, on the whole estate. The abundant rains of this spring have allowed to see the real effects of our environmental approach with notably the preservation of refuge zones for the wildlife around the parcels. The planters and young plants of the year benefited from these good conditions.

The summer has been hot, the harvest promises to be beautiful. The parcels of white grape varieties have already been harvested, and we have a good balance of acidity and degree. In recent days, the nights are getting colder, which will allow the red varieties to reach a good phenolic maturity. The 2018 crop is promising in quality and quantity.

As early as June, the bee hives were raised to allow the growing colonies to multiply and store the honey. This year, our melliferous flowerbeds have risen well. We installed osmosis nest boxes near the apiaries. Osmies are solitary bees. They do not live in groups, do not produce honey but are exceptional pollinators. For us, these bees are an indicator of biodiversity and preserved environment.

The harvest of honey took place at the end of August: 60kg of honey were harvested: the bees also seem to like the soil of Beauchêne !

On the cellar side, Châteauneuf du Pape was put this summer partly in new Demi-Muids (600 litres oak barrel). The woods were chosen taking into account the specificities of our grape varieties: French oak and light Chauffe. This container, larger than the barrels allow a balanced « élevage », bringing aromatic complexity and structure to the wines, without accentuating too intense woody notes. This balance allows our wines « to keep » to express their full potential.

See you all very soon


August 2018