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Harvest 2021 at Château Beauchêne

Production conditions

- A particularly mild winter (+ 2°5 compared to the average for the month of February).
- A very cool spring with a very severe frost on April 8 causing severe damage to some plots.
- The summer was marked by some very hot episodes, but without being scorching. The rainfall in June and July was normal (around 60 mm). But a nice rain at the beginning of August played an essential role in the ripening process of the grapes which will not have suffered from any water stress.
- The sanitary state was very healthy.
- At the beginning of September, the vineyard was 8 to 10 days behind the previous years, but this finally corresponded to the usual dates of the 90s.
- The stormy episodes around the autumn equinox remained very moderate and did not disturb the progress of the harvest which ended at Château Beauchêne at the end of September.

First tasting elements of the vintage

Currently, the first winter frosts help in the stripping of the wines and allow during tastings to better appreciate the potential of the 2021 vintage at Château Beauchêne.

On red wines:
- Average degrees lower than those of previous years, while remaining within the traditional norm of the estate (around 14 °)
- Very intense colours probably favoured by cool nights and the amplitude of temperatures night / day
- The acidity is well balanced and suggest a good ageing potential
- An aromatic expression already present and reminiscent of "small red fruits".

On white wines:
- The average degrees are again slightly lower than those of past years.
- A very good alcohol-acidity balance giving 2021 whites a very nice freshness and a frank and fruity attack on the palate.

In conclusion, the 2021 vintage with its peculiarities, already presents all the usual qualitative criteria of great years of Château Beauchêne.

Michel Bernard