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Climatic conditions for the 2022 vintage

Three main facts characterize the climatic conditions of this Vintage

  1. Light winter rains
  2. An early and lasting drought
  3. A series of summer heat waves


  • Perfect sanitary condition
  • With small berries leading to a drop in yield (between 20 and 40%)

  • Low acidities

  • Anthocyanins, which had remained weak until the rains of August 15, quickly caught up until they reached a normal level, sometimes even higher, giving hope for strong and deep colors
  • Very high polyphenols, signs of a great power, both tannic and aromatic
  • Lower alcohol content than in previous years, no doubt linked to the very high temperatures which blocked the transformation of mineral elements into sugar for the vines


An atypical vintage which, despite similar climatic conditions, will be very different from 2003.

The wines present a beautiful structure with tannins which we already sense will evolve and blend very harmoniously.

The lower alcoholic degrees facilitate the perception of fruity aromas without drying or burning character.

  Figures (Orange city weather station)

- Number of frost days < 0°C/32°F

From November to March: 34 days including 5 days at -5°C/23°F

No frost in April


- Total rainfall from November 2021 to April 2022 = 154 mm

 Total rainfall from May to August 15 = 36 mm


The first providential rain did not arrive until August 14 (nearly 40 mm)

 In total, the rainfall deficit is -30% over the summer period and

-59% over the whole year


- Average temperatures (25.8°C/77°F) were 2.8°C/3.6°F above the usual average but remained below those of 2003 (26.3°C/78.80°F)

There are 87 days above 30°C/86°F including 38 days above 35°C/95°F

Number of tropical nights (above 20°C/68°F) = 34