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Starting the harvest at Château Beauchêne

After a very hot summer, when the drought severely tested the vineyard, we are starting the harvest this week with our plots of whites, and some of the reds which have suffered too much from the heat. Nevertheless the last rains in August helped to limit the damage caused by water stress. We seem to be heading for a more generous harvest than 2021 and qualitatively promising.

For the moment, only the harvesting machine is out, the manual harvest (for our Châteauneuf du Pape and some of our Côtes du Rhône plots cut in "Goblet") will begin around August 30...

We harvest the major part of our vineyard, specially fitted out for good accessibility, with a state-of-the-art "harvester" or "straddle machine", which ensures optimal conservation of the berries harvested by "shaking" the bunches, our vines being 5 minutes away from the cellar, we also limit the oxidative degradation of the berries.

In addition, the speed of harvesting makes it possible to harvest as close as possible to the optimum maturity of the grapes and thus increases the homogeneity of quality over the majority of the vineyard.

A significant asset in the south with temperatures often exceeding 30 degrees at late morning, the machine is then very useful!